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The Role of Generators in Power System

To solve the problem of narrow frequency bandwidth of piezoelectric vibration generator, a micro piezoelectric vibration generator with Multi-cantilever beam and single mass block structure was designed. The simulation model of micro piezoelectric vibration generator with Multi-cantilever beam-single mass block structure is established. The relationship between resonant frequency and structural parameters, output voltage and structural frequency of micro-generator are analyzed. The experimental model of Multi-cantilever beam-single mass block generator is assembled. The experimental results show that the designed micro-generator with Multi-cantilever beam-single mass block structure can effectively convert vibration energy into electricity in the environment of vibration frequency 113 Hz-155 Hz. The minimum output power is 37.56 ugW in the frequency band, and the maximum output power is 155.71 ugW. The frequency bandwidth of the motor is extended to 42 Hz. With the rapid development of wireless sensor networks and embedded sensor systems, requirements for miniaturization and long life of power supply are put forward. Vibration energy is the most prevalent energy in the environment. The miniature vibration generator, which converts mechanical vibration energy into electric energy, has attracted wide attention.

In power system, the non-full-phase operation of the circuit breaker caused by the faults of the circuit breaker operating mechanism and its electrical control circuit leads to the overheating or burning accident of the generator, which is not only a great loss to the power plant, but also a great threat to the safe operation of the power system, especially in recent years, the national power supply is very tight. Under these conditions, if the generator burns down due to the non-full-phase operation of the generator. Wind turbines are devices that convert mechanical energy of wind turbines into electrical energy, which play a central role in wind power generation system. Induction generators are widely used in early fixed-speed wind power generation systems, while doubly-fed induction generators are connected with excitation power converters in the rotor circuit, thus generating variable-speed wind power generation systems. It has the advantages of high efficiency of wind energy conversion and low impact load. Circulation characteristics of parallel branches of stator windings in generator unit with air gap eccentricity fault. Firstly, the expression of voltage difference between parallel branches of stator windings in normal operation of generator is deduced. Then the circulation characteristics of parallel branches of stator windings are obtained by analyzing the variation of parameters of static and dynamic eccentricity of air gap, and the electromechanical multiple characteristics of eccentricity fault are obtained. The measured data of SDF-9 fault simulation generator are basically consistent with the theoretical analysis results, revealing the relationship between the mechanical fault of air gap eccentricity and the electrical characteristics of the generator, and pointing out that the current characteristics of the generator can also be used as a basis for diagnosing the mechanical fault of the generator.

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